To the Nanny State: Hands off My Rubber Ducky!

Sounds like a lot of work. 20/30 seconds in the microwave?

I was idly surfing around the other day, looking for something to fulminate about when the vagaries of internet pop up advertising algorithms obliged me with this:

Good Lord.  Ayatollah Khomeini famously wrote at length on how to clean one’s bung hole ( and his contribution is only one to an extensive literature on this fascinating subject), and while we don’t yet have the government telling us how to do that( Wait, do I know that for sure?), we seem to be headed in the same direction.

Like the Feds, the late Imam seems to have had a hand in, or up, pretty much everything.(click on image for more off topic fun)

I’m from California, which is home to  a particularly  pernicious endemic pink bathroom mold. There are two major schools of thought as to how to deal with it:  dry everything in the bathroom after use, and immediately put the towels used in the laundry; or. wait until the pink slime is really unsightly and scrub down periodically. Or just move every so often.

I’d like to show this pop up to a Paulbot and watch him( they usually are he/him) go into meltdown as to how this is not one of the enumerated functions of government.

But it really isn’t, unless you want to envelop it in a penumbra emanating from the phrase “domestic tranquility.”  Dirty bathrooms can really annoy some people.

Wait, wait about the general welfare?  Won’t someone please think about the children?  Studies show that “x” number of children suffer from something or other due to moldy bath toys.

The  ad does also bear the logo of the Ad Council, but that is not as private sector as you might think. The council is funded by corporate donors but you can find the government among the partners involved in execution, so somehow tax money seeps in.  If you think about it, isn’t a corporate-government partnership advising us on “social issues”  kind of creepy?  And they have been doing it since 1942.  That accounts for a lot of things.

What is the "social issue" with bath toys anyway? Perhaps this is only a stalking horse: everybody should get free internet so they don't miss important messages on subjects like rubber ducky care.

We don’t need the EPA to tell us how to keep our bathrooms clean: that is among the enumerated functions of mothers-in-law.



Truly a great moment in advertising. The environmental cleanup begun in the 70s was aboslutely necessary, but going aftr rubber duckies indicates the big battles have been on won.

I thought the EPA was about saving trees and cleaning up rivers, so Indian chiefs don’t have to cry.