The Obama Campaign’s Celebrity Demand Curves

When the Obama campaign began raffling off dinner invitations to the White house, the price was 5$, although the website stated that no no donation or purchase was necessary, which was true as long as one didn’t insist on enrolling in the lottery.   Not much higher than any State Lotto game, and with better odds,  albeit offering a less appealing prize for all but the most starry eyed, who won’t mind being possibly being net losers when they get the tax bill.

The suggested donation quickly fell to 3 bucks, suggesting a radical price cut in the face of lagging demand.

Now, the price has returned to 5$.  Is this the classic mistake of raisingp rices to make up for falling demand, or a precisely calculated move based on strong sales?  Recent raffles have included attendees such as George Clooney, so that winners got two celebrities for a single price.

I like this for the 2016 series $10,000 dollar bill, or perhaps $100 first class mail stamp.

Today’s Five Dollar Special is Michael Jordan. Basketball fans can hang out with the court legend and the Prez, and shoot a bit of hoop after the presumably low cal, low fat dinner, if Michelle vets the menu..  This will be the first event of the 2012 “Obama Classic” Whatever other players’ scores and standings, the winner is predetermined.

As Mr. Obama relates “When Michael Jordan wrote a check to my campaign for U.S. Senate in 2004, I wasn’t sure whether I should cash it or frame it.”  He did, of course, cash it, and hopes to deposit many more from the celebrity obsessed.

The President acknowledges that no everyone is sports minded.  Perhaps this is just the beginning of a sophisticated niche marketing campaign.  Dinner with Spike Lee, for example, would bring in both film aficionados and black nationalists.

Snooki from Jersey Shore would appeal to an enormous and under appreciated demographic, guys who like big boobs and stupidity.

This marketing move mirrors the basis on which we now choose our Presidents: celebrity and blind chance. The 66.6% price rise in the diner lottery  is most likely far less than the inflation we will see after another four years and untold trillions of “investment” in a second Obama term.  And the profile of the Prez shooting hoop will fit nicely into the series of Obambucks that will replace the collapsed dollar.