Pussy: Trump’s Lewd Words: Mrs. Grundy for President of Twerk Nation

This link from my all time favorite blog, Ace of Spades re “Trump’s Lewd Words,” leads me to add a few words to the millions, or likely billions on Campaign 2o16 so far.


“Vile,” “vulgar,” and my absolute favorite,” “lewd.”



Elvis, Ed Sullivan Show 1957.  His gyrating hips were too vulgar to show.  Sullivan caved when Elvis appeared the next time, and the road to Twerking was clear.

My Irish schoolteacher grandmother thought rock ‘n’ roll was all of these.


So here we have the party that has for decades accused the right of wanting to bring back the prudish 1950s, which is also the party of “Sarah Palin is a cunt.”


Die, hipster die.

couch.jpgAnd, Ace points out, the Republicans beg for space on the fainting couch, and plead for the Democrats to share  the smelling salts.




A few years back,  I and a couple of buddies – we go back many decades -were sitting around talking politics.  It hit me that this had become our primary topic of conversation, when as far as I could recall, in the past it had mostly only come up around election time, or if there was some major event in the body politic.

I pointed this out, and asked why they thought this might be so.  We speculated that Bush and Obama were particularly polarizing, so this might have placed political divisions in the forefront, in more people’s minds.  Case in point, we were two righties and a leftie in that discussion.

We rambled on a bit more, and then I asked “What did we use to talk about?

Sports and pussy.

But mostly pussy.

Do all guys do this?


Do all straight guys like pussy?

By definition.

I have good male friends with whom I’ve never discussed it,      and whom I have never heard use any kind of obscenity.

With my closest friends, however, I’ve always talked pussy, which reflects on me.  It’s who I am.  I like pussy.

However, the conclusion we came to in that conversation was that, given our age and situations, there was no longer much of a point to it. Politics made for a good substitute, in that it arouses heated opinion, and is always around, unchanging, a fact of life.

Like pussy.

This shit isn’t hard. The point is not talking snatch per se, but whose it is one speaks of.

If you tell your buddies your lady has an awesome pussy, speaking for myself, and my life time guy friends, we’re done.

Pussy is real thing that a lot guys like to talk about, but in an almost abstract, anonymously anecdotal, and non specific sense.


“There’s a girl my Lord…”

“I was 19, hitchhiking through Colorado, and this chick  picked me up and then…”


“But it objectifies women!  Would you want that done to your wives, girlfriends, and daughters?”

Here too, I see no moral conflict.

Tell me that you think a woman important to my life is hot and you’d like to bonk her, and I’ll punch your face in.

Talk trash about her around town, and I hear of it, I’ll punch your face in.

If it never comes to my attention, why should I care? How could I?  And what men with whom I have no connection whatsoever say about women unknown to me is of absolutely no concern.

If this is not so for you, and you are a person who considers himself to be somewhere on the right, then I submit that first, you really should have more important things to think about;  second, you have bought into Third Wave feminism, which is a creature of the Left, and has exactly the same goals as all the other Marxist columns assaulting our besieged culture: division, destruction of tradition, then, finally,anathematizing opposition, leading to its permanent suppression.

Now, while my assertions in regard to division and anathema should, I think, be easy to see, the breaking of tradition in this context may seem a stretch.

Is guys talking about pussy really a tradition?

Why, yes it is.  That “locker room talk” is an idiom needing no elucidation is clear proof.

Well then, is it worth fighting for?

A tradition is worth fighting for if its abandonment  is compelled by threat of force or social exclusion, so long as it meets this test:

It conforms to the Non Aggression Principle, in that no force or harm is intrinsic to it, or is initiated on its behalf.

Thus, chattel slavery was a millennia old tradition that had to go.

In this far less significant instance, one perhaps seemingly completely  without significance, cat calls and wolf whistles would not meet the test; dudes jawing on about their good times, without naming names, would.

But, you might say, even if this is so, its just not worth going on about.

That is exactly the point Ace makes in the article linked above.

It is worth fighting for; indeed, must be fought for.

The left never rests.  They understand the tactical and strategic value of every topographical feature in the cultural, political and linguistic battle-space, both large and small.

Meanwhile, as Ace notes, the Right rushes to concede, desperate for approval and terrified of exclusion, and so takes as its own each new trope. To extend my metaphor, the Right opens the gates, and then helps garrison the Left’s  newly captured strong points.

OK, you say, that’s all sort of interesting, or maybe not, kind of abstract, high fallutin’, and overly intellectualized.  The real problem is, that if you talk about women in this way, any woman anywhere, any time, you don’t respect women

No, it is you who do not respect them.


They got what they wanted, and then some.  Wonder what they’d think of Miley?

They are human beings, endowed with agency, and most fortunately and wonderfully, after First and Second wave feminism, movements themselves rooted in the Enlightenment, in the West guaranteed  every right of free citizens.


They can take care of themselves.

This is a point apparently forgotten or ignored in the face of the Left’s broader agenda.

Thus, while we find ourselves on the one hand bound with strictures on some speech in regard to sexuality that would seem Neo-Victorian, we also live in a culture where public lubricity is at such a level, that I think my eleven year old self – back then, feeling blessed with a clandestine look at a boob mag – would have expired from sheer joy.


London: They throw the C word around a lot over there, but it’s a bit much for me.  Holy Smokes, is that a,  um, pussy on the right ?

What is dirty and obscene depends on who is doing it.  Thus we have feminists complaining about overly-sexualized characters in video games, and others – often the very same people – who organize Slut Walks and then attack men who enjoy the show. Obama and Clinton supporter Miley Cyrus twerks with strap-ons.cyrus


It’s not objectification if I do it to myself.

Paradoxical and contradictory, but not surprising.  With the Left, cognitive dissonance, that is to say Double Think, is not only a means to hold and maintain an irrational belief system, but also, a weapon.

Don’t fall for this contagion.

To wrap this up, and return my ramble to the case at hand, if you don’t like dirty talk, don’t engage in it, or associate with those who do. Outside the entertainment industry, and the weird ravings of the cabal of gender obsessed activists, it’s probably on the decline


Mrs.  Clinton and Miley Cyrus on SNL.  Miley cleans up pretty well.  Lately I’ve been noticing Hillary’s overbite.  Kinda sexy.  Damn, I’m sick.  Deplorable and irredeemable.

generally, and that’s not a bad thing.


I’ve couched this in terms of Left and Right, but I’d like to think that some on the non-regressive Left – that is, people who used to be called, and were, liberals – realize they too have a stake in this.

Your words can and will be used against you should you fall from grace with the current and ever evolving orthodoxy.  Don’t think they’ll never come for you.  Take a look at Google’s “YouTube heroes” for a sense of what’s in the offing.

Trump’s Lewd Words

A bigger issue than most supporters and detractors realize.

Yet at the same time, trivial.

More than vulgar, certainly vile, and demonstrably obscene, are endless wars for no discernible purpose among peoples we fail to understand, manifest as we,  and our allies using our weapons to level cities in Yemen, Iraq and Syria, as the best of our sons and daughters return dead and maimed, decade after decade.Mideast-Yemen_Muha1.jpg

At home, cities where the most vulnerable of our citizenry are far less safe than they would be on the West Bank.

Ruling classes that have discarded large swathes of their own people in favor of others from without, absent any consultation.

There’s far more than this, but that’s different rant.

Meanwhile, I still like pussy.

Muammar’s Bad Hair Day


One very Bad boy is gone, but we will find others,  perhaps worse, to hook up with .


The viral video of the Libyan supremo’s capture shows that he had some male pattern baldness going on. Who knew?

This explains the creative variety of his  headgear.

Someone who dresses far better – President Obama – called this a victory and emphasized the U.S. commitment to the Libyan people. I wasn’t aware we had been dating.

It’s the metrosexual presidency: that perfect pants crease thing , and OMG, he commits.


A few excerpts from the President’s statement:

And one of the world’s longest-serving dictators is no more.

And we thank him for his service?  Who writes this stuff?

One year ago, the notion of a free Libya seemed impossible.
What’s changed exactly?  Shariah law will be the basis of the Libyan state, as announced some time ago.
The Libyan people now have a great responsibility — to build an inclusive and tolerant and democratic Libya that stands as the ultimate rebuke to Qaddafi’s dictatorship.

With Islamists posed to lead in the Tunisian and Egyptian elections, the Libyans have some fine models to emulate.  Not to mention earlier nation building exercises in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Palestinian territories.

and our NATO mission will soon come to an end.
And our mission to help our new friends begins.  For now, just 40 million bogus bucks( we can always quantitatively ease some more), and some other goodies, as Secretary Clinton announced in Tripoli Tuesday.
We all know ladies who just love the bad boys.  No matter how much they are abused by their studs, the girls stay in love, bail the guys out of jams and keep giving them stuff.   That’s US Policy towards muslim lands.
And of course, on the screen, in fiction, and real life, these relationships often end in the hospital or the morgue.