Obama’s Daily Affirmations

Gimme, gimme sum lovin'!

The President seems to be needing a boost, and some of his recent moves might have been inspired by Al Franken’s ( figures) memorable SNL character,Stuart Smalley.

Yesterday , the President sought help and validation from, as CBS News described them, “a fired up crowd of students” at North Carolina State University.  When one called out “I love you, Barrack(sic” –  first name use indicating a serious crush – the President responded “I love you back, but if you love me, you’ve got to help me pass this bill!”    Obama made sure sure to spread the love, offering large numbers of jobs in the construction industries and the public sector, as usual.  A look at NCSU’s list of majors shows, with the exception of Gender, Africana(sic) and Native American Studies, an impressive range of both traditional majors , and many newer ones related to industry and technology, with quite a few specific to North Carolina’s diverse economy, where forestry and agriculture continue to be important along with growing tech and financial sectors. Why a few thousand temporarily funded construction and teaching jobs in a bill yet to be written should inspire palpitations in this college crowd beats me, but hey, he’s the President and clearly needs some lovin’.  And a lot of us remember falling in love with someone who wasn’t right while we were at college.

If you want to do more than just shout declarations of passion and blow kisses, take a shot in the “Have Dinner with Obama” lottery.  It’s only five bucks.  Whether you go dancing afterward, or directly to his or your place, isn’t stated.  Chris Mathews should buy a bundle.  He might get to do something about that tingle.

You have to be pretty to old to remember Firesign Theater’s groovy president singing “Do You love me,” but that’s kind of what we have here,

I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Doggone It, around 47% of the People Like Me!