A Good Word for VP Biden, and a Good Word from HIm

It’s easy to make fun of Joe’s malaproprisms and misspeaking, but at
Shanksville he upstaged the President. I applaud his graciousness to both former presidents, most especillau hi thanks to President
Bush for the leadership provided in going after Al Quaeda in the beginning. His modesty in ellipsis – not contrasting the Bin Laden killing with Bush’s failure to take out Al Quaeda’s leader was noteowoyrth. It was a speech that, while, once again not mentioning the enemy as I would like, spoke of citizen warriors past and present, not focused on silly notions of “service,” but real service that can cost lives.. In a post speech interview with CNN, he spoke of his concerns that jihadis might use the occasion for a strike. For those uneasy with referring to muslims in this struggle, jihadi is an excellent term. It is truthful. Thank you, Mr. Vice President.