Breitbart’s First Post Mortem Pitch Falls Short

Conservative New Media star Andrew’ Breitbart’s last article appeared today, the first in the series in  which, despite his death this week at 43, his organization intends to vet the President this time around, and promises to do the same with the President’s rivals.

The piece centers on a Chicano avant garde play put on in 1998, after the performance of which on one occasion then State Senator Baraka(sic) Obama appeared as a panelist. It’s pretty far left stuff, the details of which you can read here.

But in the end, it’s inside baseball.

Breitbart establishes Obama’s place in a chain of transmission going back to the thirties, even, at only two degrees of separation, touching Trotsky.  Bill Ayers and other heirs of the old left make appearances, as does writer Suds Terkel,

Fascinating stuff.

Some years ago, I was reading Sidney Hook’s autobiography “Out of Step,” In which he went after other public intellectuals, such as Irving Howe, for hiding their radical pasts and flirtations – or worse – with totalitarianism, when I remarked to a friend that, interesting as the book was, it seemed a bit quaint. In the wake of the collapse of the East Bloc.  What relevance did intellectual squabbles and confusing metamorphoses of Trotskyite splinter groups matter?  Who even gets the “Splittist” scene in “Life of Brian” anymore?  You have to be of a certain age.

I was wrong, and naïve to think the Left had ever gone away, or just become Liberals, annoying, but hardly subversive. Mr. Hook, who died in 1989, would recognize what the President has accomplished in obscuring his roots. I do not say “hide”, because the truth about Barrack Obama was there for anyone who cared to know before his election.

The problem was that “vetting” has traditionally – and foolishly – been entrusted to a restricted group of voices. In 2008, bias was not enough, and obscurantism, distortion, and outright falsehood were deployed in candidate Obama’s favor.  Making up for this egregious betrayal of trust was the project on which Mr. Breitbart had embarked before his death, and his people vow to finish it.

I hope they have more, and better, than this. When I call it inside baseball, I mean to say that those who can understand the significance of such associations and histories constitute a limited demographic. And they have long since made up their minds in regards to Mr. Obama, one way or the other.

The cause of anti leftism was dealt a blow by  its conflation with Senator McCarthy’s methods from which it has never recovered.  Even an aggressive Soviet Union, Maoist and Cambodian genocides, and countless smaller atrocities could not give it legitimacy. The left retains its mantle of altruism, seen as sometimes misguided perhaps, but altruism nevertheless. Those who oppose it on principle are, of course, fascists. This is the narrative Breitbart fought, but the battle is yet barely joined.

It is simply beyond the capacity or interest of the “crucial independent voters” to take an interest in ideological history, even were it to be fairly aired across the old media to which they maintain habitual allegiance,

Trotsy? Alinsky?   The Republic Steel strike in 1938? Sounds like history, dude. Boring. Studs Terkel?  Wasn’t he that nice old guy on PBS back when?

And in fairness, why should they take notice?  Disentangling the conflicting stories, stripping the layers and finding the truth is a pretty serious hobby for anyone, if not a full time job as it was for Andrew Breitbart.  Many would simply hope to go with their lives, trusting their government to do its best for them, and for their television and newspapers to tell them the truth,

To extend the baseball metaphor, Breitbart’s vetting roll out piece is like the statistics laced commentary during a  no hitter, a game that real fans love, but a lot of us just go to the park now and then and we want to see hits.

To score on Obama, will require no longer taking his pitches, but throwing some hard, fast balls his way, indelible messages that demonstrate this man’s antipathy to the kind of country I believe, or perhaps only hope, a majority still wants.

The Republicans throw like girls.  They need a relief pitcher.  One can only hope Breitbart is savings  its best stuff  for the later innings.

Unemployment Figures: Rosy Scenario is a Lyng Slut, and the MSM Pimp Her.

Good News in the January Employment figures : MSNBC Headlines :” Jobless rate drops to lowest level in almost three years.”

The market rises.  Democrats celebrate.  Republicans quake.

Those not too lazy to scroll to the bottom of the page, and click a few links to verify this pablum find something different.

In the second to last  of around twenty paragraphs, the reader finds this:

Even with the January jobs gain, the employment market still faces a long road back to full health. The nation has about 5.6 million fewer jobs than it did when the recession began in late 2007. And there are still 12.8 million people out of work, though that is the fewest since the recession ended. An additional 11 million are either working

part-time but would prefer full-time work, or have stopped searching for jobs.

The article quotes the President as saying there remain, ” too many Americans who need a job.”

He is entirely right on that.  Clicking around the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one finds this under “Employment Situation.”

After accounting for the annual adjustments to the population controls, the employment-population ratio (58.5 percent) rose in January, while the civilian labor force participation rate held at 63.7 percent. (See table A-1. For additional information about the effects of the population adjustments, see table C.)

For a similarly low employment-populatoin ratios haven’t been seen since the Carter years. 

This chart tells a sorry tale of labor force participation

Series Id: LNS11300000 Seasonally Adjusted Series title: (Seas) Labor Force Participation Rate Labor force status: Civilian labor force participation rate Type of data: Percent or rate Age: 16 years and over

Discourage enough people, and make it easier for those not inclined to work, and indeed the unemployment rate will decline.  While there is little doubt that a Republican administration in a similar pickle would also be crowing, one wonders how the media would be pitching it.

As for the jobs that are being added, I would posit that the improvement reflects the resiliency of the business cycle, which, while distorted by statism, hasn’t been entirely crushed – yet.

Krauts Will Be Krauts

The Germans are considering spying on their domestic islamophobes, Der Spiegel reports.  Well the krauts have plenty of experience in keeping the lid on subversives concerned with individual liberty and who oppose oppressive supremacist ideologies.

The old Nazis are pretty much gone, but here are plenty of Stasi geezers left to show them the ropes.  The folks over at islammonline view this as a positive developmentt and provide a handy guide to Islamophobia that should quite helpful to the security services.

Ms Zeller -Hirzel survived the Nazis, and saw the end of communism, only witness the rise of a new totalitariansim.

From the film, "The White Rose."

They can start by going after whack jobs like Suzanne Zeller – Hirzel, a survivor of the White Rose resistance group, six of whose young members were decapitated in 1943 after the Gestapo rolled them up  She  sees similarities bewteen Islam and Nazism:

Zeller – Hirzel: The fanaticism, the absolute claim of possessing the only truth and the spiritual simplicity are very similar between Islam and the Nazism.

Ein reich, ein volk, ein fuehrer


Ein Gott, ein religion, ein ummah

Meanwhile, it’s good to see the FBI still has its eye on the ball, sntching up those “Massachuseettss men” before they can do any harm:

(CNN) — A 26-year-old Massachusetts man with a physics degree was arrested and charged Wednesday with plotting an attack on the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol with a remote-controlled model aircraft, authorities said.

Rezwan Ferdaus, a U.S. citizen from Ashland, Massachusetts, planned to use model aircraft filled with C-4 plastic explosives, authorities said.

(BTW:  WordPress spell check doesn’t think “islamophobia” is a word.  That’s because it isn’t.)

Big Mullah Is Watching YOU

Campaign 2012: The Souls Of Black Folk

(Living abroad, I have little cause  to think much about American race relations but the coverage of Morgan Freeman’s remarks on CNN September 25 caught my attention.  Like millions of Americans,I’ve long been a Freeman fan.)

Morgan Freeman as God: Not as wise as the Almighty, after all.

Given past statements on race, Morgan Freeman taking on the Tea Party is not as predictable as might appear, and is thus deeply disappointing to many.  Freeman has played America’s wise grandfather for so long, that many thought that he was that for all of us.  His semi-coherent diatribe on Piers Morgan Tonight is just one more, and quite prominent, indicator that post racialism is as far away as ever,

Early in, there is an echo of the Freeman, who in an interview with Mike Wallace in 2009 said the best way to solve the race problem was to stop talking about it, when asked  whether he wanted to be perceived as a black actor:

MORGAN: You don’t think the word “black” should now really be used in any context to–

FREEMAN: Not really, you know, it — what use is it? What good does it do? You know, what we’ve almost always done, when you label someone, you know, say for example, while he’s the best Chinese this or he’s the best Latin that or the best black that, nobody ever says the best white anything.

But that doesn’t last.

In his later remarks, Freeman exhibits the same vague unease, but lack of facts, that accompany much Tea Party Criticism.   He doesn’t care for Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell, but seems unsure of just exactly who the senator is.

MORGAN FREEMAN: Made it(the election of President Obama) worse. Made it worse. Look at, look, the Tea Partiers, who are controlling the Republican Party, stated, and what’s this guy’s name, Mitch O’Connell. Is that his, O’Connell?

.He ascribes this sentiment, but not a statement, to the Minority leader and the Tea Party
“…we are going to do whatever we can do to get this black man out of here.”

The interviewer points out that a white Democrat President also had problems with Republicans, to which Freeman can only say “…Clinton, they tried, but still…”

What can one say?  Mr. Freeman, it’s politics and this goes on in all election cycles, regardless of party?

Then we get to the money quote:

“Yes. Well, it just shows the weak, dark  underside of America… “
“…And then it just sort of started turning because these people surfaced like stirring up muddy water.” 

Racist Scum

Vicious racist pond scum just waiting to spread.

Sad.  I hope, and really don’t doubt, that most Americans are still well disposed to Black people.  When people have asked me what I miss about America, I found myself responding, the sound of Spanish, and Black people.  Like many white Americans, I can’t say I really know any black people.  In the course of my life I’ve only been fairly friendly with a couple, but am in touch with neither anymore.

So many decades after the March on Washington, it is deeply troubling to see these

1963: The March on Washington. The most inspiring event of my lifetime.

controversies go on and on.  I’m sure many ,if not most of my generation, had you asked us in the late sixties, would have confidently predicted a post racial America by now.

I have my issues with Black folks, the high crime rate, bloc voting, elevation of charlatans like Sharpton and Jackson to prominence,  although in the last instance, one wonders if the white dominated media are the real culprits. Rowdy kids acting out on buses.  And yes, a certain hollow feeling when I have strolled unthinkingly and suddenly found myself in a neighborhood that was entirely black.

And then to return to one of those neighborhoods for services at great small businesses. A friendly bar where I could have a beer and a bit of chit chat between work and night classes.  A fantastic takeout where the Korean War vet owner presided over amazing smells, and great food that the Asian kids he hired served up with big smiles, as if it were not a a job but just a great big goof.  Hot links, and brisket sandwiches, slaw an potato salad.  Sweet potato pie if you possibly had any room left.


I get to the States only occasionally and a few years back, staying with a friend and lifetime resident of largely white West side LA, I remarked that the black people we encountered,  working at restaurants, cashiers, salespeople and so on, seemed not only quick at their work, but genuinely outgoing and friendly. Many were young, and casual chats revealed that they were working part time and going to  the colleges and universities that abound in West LA. My cynical friend thought that this relaxed interchange between races was due in part to a feeling of solidarity with whites, versus the Latino migration.  He had to agree, however, that things seemed to have improved,  “It’s not all Compton, anymore,” he said,

A long time back, a different friend was railing against  blacks, and my response was, “If they all disappeared one day, you would miss them.“

The first cargo of Africans arrived in Jamestown quite by happenstance, but the trade grew quickly.

Who, after all, is more American than black people?  Schoolchildren still learn, as I did, that the first cargo of African arrived In Jamestown in 1619.  What wasn’t taught back then was that there were some who were free men from the start.
This certainly beats  snooty Mayflower descendants.  As the legal importation of Africans for slavery ended in 1803, it’s a safe bet that the ancestry of the average Black American will predate that of many whites.

I make a choice in this post to use the term “Black.”  People of my age

The memory of merely seeing the segregated South is indelible; It is not possible to imagine what living there as blacks was truly like.

clearly remember signs saying “No colored,” “No Negros,“  and while these were polite terms at the time, it was easy to understand why Blacks would shed them.

How many remember Jesse Jackson decreeing in a Chicago speech sometime in the 80s that henceforth, Blacks would be called African-Americans?  And the Orwellian speed with which the media and academia adopted it?

At the time, and now, it seemed to me that hyphenating this group whose migration, involuntary as it was, predated that of most of the ancestors of their fellow citizens, was insulting, and more importantly, inaccurate.  Black Americans are foremost among the very first Americans and their unique history and culture, and their contributions to the nation they inhabit were made here, not in Africa.

Of course, as a white person, I have no “right,” to take a stand on this, but everyday usage indicates that Black is still preferred.  After all, W.E. Dubois wrote about “Souls of Black Folks,” not African-Americans.  Yet, the term African-American does indicate the distance that many blacks still feel from their country, an estrangement that in some quarters seems to be entrenched, and growing,

The clearest signs are bloc voting, with 95% of Black voters going for President Obama in 2008 and the frenzied, and paranoid stockade mentality many prominent blacks are taking in defending his, at best debatable record as Chief Executive. Take Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick on  conservatives and the Tea Party, when commenting on the Freeman CNN Interview:

“I can tell you that it’s clear from the evidence that the ‘Heck with the interest of the common good and whatever we need to do to derail this presidency’ has characterized some if not all of Tea Party behavior in the Congress of the United States, no doubt about it,” Patrick said.

O.J. The Verdict

46% of the electorate did not think electing Obama as President would foster the common good, and after the fact,  more have come to the same conclusion. If many more blacks approve of the president’s performance than do whites, is this because they are right, and whites racist?  This divide trumps any facts because it is consistently so lopsided.  I remember too well the sinking feeling at the conclusion of the Simpson trial, when my black colleagues gave out a shout and fist pumps when the acquittal came in.

If the Tea Party, and conservatives in general, are predominately white, is Governor Debal a racist for criticizing them?

“The governor also described conservative behavior as ‘seditious,’ saying that patriots come together in crisis to work on a solution.”

“Sedition: Conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch. ”

Or even worse: “Conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state.
2. Insurrection; rebellion

Yes insurrection , such as the rebellion of the South, the suppression of which resulted in Emancipation.

“The notion that the singular focus of the hard right today is to defeat this president,  even if there’s an idea he puts forward to help-that they used to support-is incredibly worrisome to me and a very different political climate, I think, that we’ve been dealing with for a long time,” he said.

The governor does not specify which of the administration’s ideas might be ones
Republicans once approved, but now oppose.  Once again, there is nothing particularly remarkable here. It’s called an election, much as Governor Bev Perdue of North Carolina might like to dispense with them.

“Patrick was not the only one to respond to Morgan’s comments. GOP presidential contender Herman Cain had told Fox News that Morgan’s remarks were “short-sighted.”

“Most of the people that are criticizing the Tea Partiers about having a racist element, they have never been to a Tea Party,” Cain said.

“Short sighted,” indeed.  This hysteria among the black electorate, that the Tea Party wants to bring back slavery and lynching as Rep. Andre Carson of Indiana and others have said , is more than silly: it is a sad and depressing indication that much of Black America has no memory of its proud history before its open-ended indenture on the Great Society plantation.

“Black History is American history,” Freeman said in a better and very lucid moment in the Wallace Interview.  It is indeed, and a proud part of it. I said the same thing in introducing my self to the Black Literature Club, of which I was the sole white member, where I worked in the 90s. ( This was no statement as to my enlightened racial outlook. I like to read, and the stuff these people were doing fit  well with some night classes I was taking.) We had lunchtime meetings, read Zora Neale Houston, slave narratives, MLK, and Toni Morrison, who sadly racist that she is, is a wonderful story teller and stylist.

Sojourner Truth

A high point was MLK day, when members brought their scrubbed and dressed up kids, to deliver memorized speeches and sermons of Dr King, Fredrick Doublass, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth and others, The art of memorization and declamation was alive there, long after being lost in the public schools

Downsizing and brutal hours put an end to the club’s activities, but that was the not the only glimpse I have had into black America where I think something good, decent remains, an older culture in opposition to the underclass rage, one that if revitalized would not only help black America, but the nation as a whole.

One reads of inner city hell hole schools.  I did sub in one predominantly Black and Latino High School on the western edge of Phoenix.  The first day I had that same trepidation as in entering an unknown black area.   Immediately I was flagged down by some big black adults, sitting on a courtyard bench.  They were security, ex military mostly, some studying for the police academy exam.

They knew everything that went on.  A kid even thinking of acting up got his name called out, and a meek “yes sir” and apology usually followed quickly. They were funny guys and made me welcome at break times.   This assignment came after a few weeks at a school in an affluent area, where kids drove their own new SUVs to school.  There were a lot of spit wads and backtalk,

It struck me immediately that these kids said “Sir,” and “Mr.”.  There was an old fashioned level of courtesy towards adults.  Sure ,they acted out, and sometimes it was hard to discipline them because they were so hilarious. Two in particular I remember, Jimmy a gawky kid, Mississippi dark, with a constant smile who simply could not keep still.  More than once I had to send him out, but he just went with the same smile. And came back the next day and did it all over again.

Then there was Sheniqua. (Yes, that was the name)  a tall Nilotic exotic just a little too aware of her looks, who once flashed me her tummy, and very taut it was.  The shorts that barely met dress code requirements were bad enough.

Yet she submitted a highly readable and passionate assessment of her favorite singer, Usher, complete with musicology references and footnotes, making an argument for placing him in the tradition of black jazz and blues singers.

I had much less trouble with these kids than with their far more well off peers in the other side of the valley,  Indulging in amateur sociology, looking back at the small business men in San Francisco, the church going book readers in the literature club, the firm but caring security guys and the sassy but bright students at that Phoenix school, did I see an echo of an earlier black America, one that began in the rural South where blacks had no choice but to do for themselves, and which carried over into the urban neighborhoods that people like Bill Cosby fondly remember, before they were destroyed by welfare and redevelopment?

One must take political biographies skeptically, yet a look at people like Herman Cain seems to say that this Black  America is still out there. Whether it can prevail against those who would exploit it for political purposes, as they have for so long, is a question that will  effect not only the election outcome, but the lives of all Americans. Campaign 2012 will be about many things, but one will be the souls of Black folks.

Politicans Search for the Electorate’s G-spot

On Monday,  I was startled when  I did my morning headline glance at MSNBC to see the President’s speech to the CBC headlined “Stop complainin’. Stop grumblin’. Stop cryin’ “with the elided “g”’s clearly signaled.  Remembering criticisms of Bush for forced folksiness, and recalling that the intensity  of Clinton’s Arkansas speech rose and fell, I wondered it this were another sign of Obama‘s slide in the estimation of the MSM.  I didn’t watch the accompanyin’ video as Youtube  was not cooperating.

Now a few days later, I see that it has kicked up an excremental weather front, but not the one I would have predicted,

From the
Sept 27, 2011

“Stop complainin’. Stop grumblin’. Stop cryin’,” President Obama lectured the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation on Saturday, according to the Associated Press. According to the White House transcript, the president said: “Stop complaining, stop grumbling, stop crying.” Dylan Stableford of Yahoo! News reports that the case of the missing g’s is now prompting charges of racism:

On MSNBC, the African-American author Karen Hunter complained the news service transcribed Obama’s speech without cleaning it up as other outlets did–specifically including the “dropped g’s.” . . .

    Hunter called the AP’s version “inherently racist,” sparring with New Republic contributing editor and noted linguistics expert John McWhorter, who argued the g-less version “is actually the correct one,” noting that the president’s victory in the 2008 election was due, in part, to how effortlessly “he can switch into that [black] dialect.”

It does seem, in the eyes of his supporters, that our first post racial president is all about race.  For me, the issue in this instance is in the last sentence.

“…how effortlessly “he can switch into that [black] dialect.”

Are politicians really unaware of the internet and Youtube? Do they still think they can get away with addressing one audience one way, and another quite differently?

Is it worth considering that the racism here might be the president’s, in that he felt Blacks must be addressed in “their “ dialect to get the message, or that they are so self obsessed that they will not consider a message, even from an ally, if not couched in group approved language?

Herman Cain speaks with a heavy black intonation – “g”’s intact, as far as I can see, to wildly appreciative, mostly white audiences.  I’m no linguist, but his speech sounds more ”black” to me than the President’s mildly African American inflection.

Mr. Cain understands that it is best to be one’s self.  This elocutionary metamorphism on the part of the President might lead one to wonder if Obama indeed knows how exactly he is, or  feels the need to present different selves to different electoral segments.

If the latter, he has, and has had plenty of company on both sides of the aisle, but is unwise.  Despite, or perhaps as a result of a media saturated culture, authenticity will prevail over calculated and hastily erected and and just as quickly disassembled multiple persona.

Rick Perry to the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans: no “g’s”
His Presidential run announcement in South Carolina: no “g”s

Presidential debate     Some “g’s” present.  Perry would appear to be genuine “g-dropper,” struggling to maintain standard pronunciation when he thinks it is appropriate. He should be consistent, and himself.

I didn’t bother to check up on Romney.  It’s impossible to imagine him as a “g” dropper.

Those who live in a region, or come from a class or linguistic group that pronounce “ing”  as “in”,  should a politician suddenly start dropping “g’ just to address you, might think about drop kicking him or her out of the race.

We will be listening.

Hiroshima, 9/11, Chinook Down in Afghanistan

Yesterday was the anniversary of the bombing. I had forgotten. Now I know why I chanced, upon a “Yamato,“ yesterday on the Asian Movie channel,.  A docudrama of the last battle of the last of the class of the largest battleships    ever launched.

Quite gripping, great human interest, and all kinds of cool cgi explosions as the doomed young men fought their ship against a swarm of Douglas Avengers.  Of course, some of the sailors had family and lovers in Hiroshima, and there was a post sinking scene of a  surviving crewman searching for a loved one among the horrors in a casualty station there.

You’ve all read about Sadako and the paper cranes.  With all sympathy for the dead and maimed of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the official Japanese construct on the War has more than a waft of victim hood when talking about the defeat.  Little mention is made of Operation Olympic, the invasion of the Home Islands that would have sent the allies against an armed populace of all ages, ready to die for their parts in the thousand year narrative of Yamato, the Sun descended emperor..  Who remembers?  When was the last time you saw  a “Pearl Harbor Survivor“ license plate?

So what about 9/11. Jihad? And dead SEALS in Afghanistan?  The issue is historical memory, collective amnesia,,  altered, and even, stolen narratives,..

Nearly ten years ago a group of young men, citizens of a putative ally, legally present in our country, in order to further their studies, killed more than three thousand of our brothers and sisters.  They did it in the name of Islam and they shouted Alllahu Akbar as they entered physical, but certainly  not political, cultural and historical oblivion.

Our country, culture, and national psyche have been forever changed.  Yet, how many really remember?  I haven’t checked, but I wouldn’t be surprised if once again, the Chrysler  building is illuminated green for Ramadan,  Ten years ago, how many Americans had heard of Ramadan?  Now the president gives official greetings replete with Arabic interjections, and praise for non existent Muslim contributions( really, Nobel prize winners?  I come up with one, in Chemistry: Ahamad Zewail, an American Egyptian dual national, who, parenthetically, has interesting things to say about the impact of “traditional culture“ on scientific enquiry)

In his praise of Islamic charity, the president neglects to mention that such charity is enjoined by Islamic doctrine to help only fellow Muslims,. “Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings…”

One only has the to consult the roster of OIC members to see a roll of appalling human rights violators, and abysmally low HDI scores.  Protocols and style manuals within USG prohibit the use of “Muslim”, Islamic” and “terrorist” in the same sentence  A feel good narrative to scare off demons and night terrors.

The president only continues what George W. Bush “Islam is a Religion of peace” began.  Imagine a narrative of World War Two with the Japanese and Germans absent.

From Minnesota, young, sometimes Americans born, Somali men travel to Somalia to find salvation and meaning in another chapter of a 1500 year old narrative of conquest and subjugation, eschewing the old narrative of assimilation and success in America,.

The daily bombings, church burnings(Nigeria: have you heard of Boko Haram?)   and shootings and beheadings (Thailand: have you heard anything of the brutal assault on Buddhists  in the south of this world beloved tourist playground?)  are reported as “religious clashes( the BBC and Reuters are particularly egregious in this respect)  Agenda-tweaked narratives. Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, daily killings and executions as muslims die for other muslims’ reading of Muhammed‘s narrative.

Last week, between one and two hundred thousand Islamists shouting for a shariah state( Of course, by now, you know what shariah means) chased the last face bookers from Tharir square in Cairo.  “The Arab Spring” a vanished, and conveniently  no longer cited narrative.

. And there is the enormous cost of “security.”  Consider: had there been no 9/11, there would certainly have been no Afghanistan War, and perhaps Bush and Blair would have been at least somewhat circumspect about intervention in Iraq.

And no TSA. These  are not the source of all our fiscal woes, but eliminate them from the picture and the balance sheet is much improved.  An alternate universe narrative of a much happier non-possibility

Afghanistan:  Our forces die for what: a “democratic state” fashioned on paper by “ western experts” resulting in a sharia constitution( as in Iraq) where none existed before.  A impossible utopian narrative, as are all such,

Our servicewomen go veiled ( see ISAF website) and combat forces work under suicidal rules of engagement.  Google “heroic/courageous restraint.”  We went to that brutal land and graveyard of countless armies over the centuries to take revenge on the mastermind of 9/11, and on those who sheltered him. And stay to “build a nation.  An altered narrative.

And one that might be termed post modern in its utter lack of meaning, but which can also be seen as a very old form:  Unthinking hubris, and endless nemesis.

And today,  Maureen Dowd writes in the NYT:

When the president is asked what it felt like to kill Osama, he’s low-key and modest, even though he personally refocused the mission to capture the 9/11 architect after W. dropped the ball.

He has told people what a thrill it was to meet SEAL Team 6 — and the dog Cairo — which pulled off the hit, noting that the men looked less young and fearsome than he expected, and more like guys working at Home Depot.

But while Obama takes the high road, his aides have made sure there are proxies to exuberantly brag on him.

The White House clearly blessed the dramatic reconstruction of the mission by Nicholas Schmidle in The New Yorker — so vividly descriptive of the SEALS’ looks, quotes and thoughts that Schmidle had to clarify after the piece was published that he had not actually talked to any of them.

“I’ll just say that the 23 SEALs on the mission that evening were not the only ones who were listening to their radio communications,” Schmidle said, answering readers’ questions in a live chat, after taking flak for leaving some with the impression that he had interviewed the heroes when he wrote in his account that it was based on “some of their recollections.”

The White House is also counting on the Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal big-screen version of the killing of bin Laden to counter Obama’s growing reputation as ineffectual.

The Sony film by the Oscar-winning pair who made “The Hurt Locker” will no doubt reflect the president’s cool, gutsy decision against shaky odds. Just as Obamaland was hoping, the movie is scheduled to open on Oct. 12, 2012 — perfectly timed to give a home-stretch boost to a campaign that has grown tougher.

The moviemakers are getting top-level access to the most classified mission in history from an administration that has tried to throw more people in jail for leaking classified information than the Bush administration.

It was clear that the White House had outsourced the job of manning up the president’s image to Hollywood when Boal got welcomed to the upper echelons of the White House and the Pentagon and showed up recently — to the surprise of some military officers — at a CIA ceremony celebrating the hero SEALs.

Just like W., Obama is going for that “Mission Accomplished” glow (without the suggestive harness). At least in this president’s case, though, something has been accomplished.


Ms Dowd  makes some unsupported but hardly unbelievable assertions here, and as elsewhere in the article she included the obligatory pokes at GWB, one is inclined to give her a hearing.

So, here, an appropriated narrative, and perhaps the “October Surprise” the blogosphere anticipates, but not the expected attack on Iran.

No sooner did the story break than the conspiracy lovers were at work.  A black op to get rid of the witnesses to an operation that did not take out Osama, who “we all ( in some quarters ) know” had been dead for years,  See “I’m not into conspiracy theories” Ann Barnhart.

Of course, they had made the same mistake I did in skimming the story: some of the dead SEALS were in the same unit, but were not the same people. Misunderstood narrative

Thus, it is well to consider the men of the Enola gay, and the SEALS  down in Afghanistan, and be grateful for their true and unchanging.narratives of honor courage and service,