From Nova Albion to the Isle of the Gods

I was born in post war California, father from old-time San Francisco and Central Valley stock, mother from Brooklyn, born of Irish immigrant parents  A lineage that reflects the common experience of many in America.   To add to that, my parents were determined to see the world and they did, my dad‘s jobs in the oil business taking them to first Indonesian, Costa Rica and the Philippines, and the opportunity to travel throughout the world.

After high school in the East and college in California, San Francisco I the early 70s, and five years working abroad in Indonesia and the Middle East,  two decades in the Bay Area, living in San Francisco and working in the Santa Clara valley for a major defense company..

Ten years teaching English back in Indonesia, and now, retired in Bali.  California was once thought to be an island paradise, and Bali has been sold as such for some time.  Both are wonderful places I‘m glad to have known.

Having gone through the pessimism of the 70s, I‘ve watched most of the world I the end do far better than anyone expected, and especially pleased to see my old home, Indonesia, rise for abject poverty to a far better of standard of living for most.

Despite our current difficulties, I think we can look forward to more wonders.  While I rant and rave here about religious terrorism and economic malfeasance, I do it in the spirit of hope, not despair.  The internet has provided billions of us with the means to learn, reflect, and act,  and that’s what I’m dong here…and having a great time doing it.

If you find what I write interesting, I would love to hear from you,  All writers( and wannabees like me) seek recognition, but I am truly interested in listening, and learning,

3 thoughts on “From Nova Albion to the Isle of the Gods

  1. So, you are switching to a blogger now 🙂 How’s life? I also try to be a blogger. I have started since last month.

      • Yup, i found that blogging is a good idea 🙂

        I am enjoying my life in here. The snowy mountain and mirror lakes are awesome.

        I have looked to your other blog and followed it. I like it. I always miss Bali. I hope I can see you there someday 🙂

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