Does One Voice Matter?

It does.

To me.

And that’s enough.

As did many observers,after the 2012 U.S. Presidential election, I felt a sense of great futility.

A president with one of the worst economic records in history, a clearly failing foreign policy, a man of no managerial or administrative skills whatsoever, had been reelected on the basis of “coolness.” Familiarity with rap and basketball, ease in the talk show guest chair and near universal adulation as a great husband and fine father were the qualities judged by a plurality essential to leading to a country of 300 plus million.

Then there was his hapless opponent, and the stumble bum Republican campaign, which, while ably and precisely aided on its disastrous course by Obama For America, would have buried Mr. Romney all on its own. With of course, plenty of assists from a phalanx of media fellatrices.

Another four years of policy based on feelings, which sounds silly and insubstantial, but is all the more dangerous for its inchoate millenarian utopian longings manifested in multiculturalism, politically correct nostrums rooted in Stalinism, all backed by the coercive power of the sate, shown only occasionally with guns, more oftenly cloaked in a phantasmagoria of regulations and impenetrable law. Lawlessness is shrugged off with a giggle or a sneer, as the opposition party has the vapors and clutches its pearls.

Across the conservative threads(libertarians were largely cheering what they see as the coming conflagration, there were repression of weary defeat, and a strange sense of relief: If it’s all over, one no longer needs to care, as often expressed in the comment threads:.

It’s over

Fuck it.

Let it burn.

And my favorite:

Burn it down

Scatter the stones

Salt the earth where it stood.

So I quit blogging, restricting my writing to outraged, or cynical tweets, far easier to do while surfing the net, reading, watching TV or doing all three.

I mean, why bother?

Yet, over these last months things, some small and obscure, some momentous and widely known lead me to believe that it is not all over. The tide of infantile leftism has not washed away everything.

While Europe and the U.S. may be turning on the economic system that made them havens where humanity is safest, richest, healthiest, and happiest, much of the rest of the world – with the exceptions of some foolishly misguided regimes in Lain America, and of course, the Middle East – even large parts of Africa, are emerging from the poverty and oppression that has been the lot of most since humans first formed governments.


I admit to only skimming this 2000 page plus behemoth back in the 70s.

The Malthusian misery that experts saw as Asia’s inescapable fate turned out entirely wrong. Gunnar Myrdal’s Asian Diilemma of burgeoning populations and scarce resources gives way to an Asian dilemma as how best to supply the goods, services and opportunities the continents’ new middle classes demand.

While Mr Obama, fresh off diversionary feints on immigration and gun control, turns to “Climate Change,” that issue has nearly dropped out of public consciousness, as the defects in it proponents” arguments become more and more clear as they themselves cannot explain the failure of their models.

Even as, in the wakes of the Boston bombing, and the Woolich beheading, governments and media rush to assure us that these atrocities have nothing to do with Islam, public disapproval of Islam rises.


Evil White racists just didn’t bring out the fans.

While much of American made television and film is filled with endless anti-male, anti – christian, and, dare I say it anti white –sentiments(See “White House down.” Better yet, don’t) some science fiction seems to feel freer to express sentiments not acceptable in mainstream Hollywood drama or comedy, and go beyond the Left Coast’s pet hates to address issues and ideas of real substance. Resistance to big government and constitutional legitimacy are common themes(More on this topic here).

There is of course schadenfreude in Mr. Obama’s current travails. To those who have shifted their views to give him approval ratings that would have sunk him in the election, it’s” We told you so ” time. The president’s Olympian distance( some call it cluelessness), and the dodge and weave tactics of his operators have held back the deluge so far, and while wouldn’t bet on a “Downfall” scenario, irrelevance, however, is quite possible, and more than enough.

Better yet, while the Presidents approval remains in the mid to high forties, an indicator of the truth in Romney’s 47pct remarks, there is a growing sense that something is amiss. In the “Wizard of Oz it was a diminutive nobody pulling the levers powering the illusion. Now, many have the queasysy feeling that there is no one at all behind the curtain.

Republicans can be counted on to cringe at exactly right moment, and decades of of indoctrination and propaganda from left dominated institutions will not be undone by a scattered and not yet self conscious opposition, but it may be – yes ,I understand my weaselly use of the conditional here – that a second term for Mr. Obama, even with all its costs in money and institutional damage, is what is necessary to once again discredit leftism at a time when growing numbers are not old enough to remember its previous failures.

Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Does One Voice Matter?

  1. I agree about the President’s lack of accountability, credibility, competence, and attachment to the real problems that need to be solved. Instead, he navigates steadfastly down the leftists Yellow Brick Road, with his dog-eared copy of Rules For Radicals tucked in his back pocket. I hope you’re right that this second 4-year (over)dose of radical leftism will finally wake up the middle 15% so they rejoin the traditional right 40% in rejecting utopianism in 2014 and 2016. I will follow you to see what else we agree on.

    – Jeff

  2. PE,

    Enjoyed your posts – thanks. Glad to see you have a nice little cluster of subscribers.

    Suggestion (don’t change the channel!) Pls consider correcting typos and grammatical gaps & goofs before posting. Clean copy is more effective and taken more seriously. It’s also a courtesy, a sign of respect (a gesture of civility – see my mini-rant below, if I had a blog) to readers.

    What, for ex., means this: That is, truth in the face of Hollywood tired left orthodoxy.he

    Ta muchly, m.e.

    P.S. The demise – nay, the destruction of civility in modern “civilized” nations could have a fair place in any blogger’s rant. To my mind and without exaggeration, it is intrinsic in the modern meltdown of civilisations. Imagine the reverse. Imagine if some bio-chem weapon with atomic reach and effectiveness were unleashed upon the world and something went wrong: instead of laying waste the peoples the chemical merely altered the human brain in such a way that the helpless victims were left with an insuperable inclination to be – *the horror *- courteous.

    By “courteous” I don’t mean lying down as a doormat for your neighbour. I refer to the simple courtesy which, in a previous generation, was broadly a given, taught to children by their parents and practiced simply as a matter of course. Such courtesy in the body politic would be called “civility”. Today, civility has succumbed to the unwitting philosophy of life that proposes one’s own well being, comfort and pleasure as the first ends of all human endeavor and concern. With the self enshrined in this manner, the barbarians are at the gate.

    What can be done? Is there anything you or I can do? There is. You can act radically. You can live counter-culturally. Meaning, you can *behave civilly.* But what if only 0.000001% of the human population does this? Of what use is it? What if only *one person* on the face of the earth is civil? How does that even count? It counts and the reason it does is the answer to the question “why be civil?”: because it is right. It is the right thing to do and so it should be done and, since you know it should be done, you are the one to do it.

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