The Smartest Guy in the Room Misspeaks Himself – Again

In the President’s weekly address he  outlines   some initiatives he is taking on increasing tourism to the US.  This is critical because:

“Tourism is the number one service we export.”

Yup, really, that’s what he said.  Honest. Check it out at – before someone redacts it.

This is right up there with “57 states,”(There are 57 countries in the  OIC, hmm…), “corpseman,” “intercontinental railroad” and Austrian as a language.

In fact, it’s a classic Bushism.

Obama goes on to detail a coming  initiative to expedite entry for frequent travelers.  Surprising, as the program is already in place.  I know, because an ICE inspector gave me a brochure on it the last time I went through SFO.

The President goes on to outline some other travel policies that sound quite sensible.  Apparently it’s Congress’ fault for not having thought of these, so Obama must take executive action – and tell us all about his decisiveness.

Then a diversion to No Child Left Behind, and a weak segue back to tourism.

This guy isn’t eloquent under the best of circumstances.

He is a clown.  Let’s elect a different one in November.  You know, spread the wealth.

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