Just In: Obama’s Secret 2012 Campaign Strategy!


It wasn't me!







3 thoughts on “Just In: Obama’s Secret 2012 Campaign Strategy!

  1. Can we have a little rant about the obvious strategy: Let the Republicans each have a turn making fools of themselves while Obama stays presidential:-))))

    • They don’t call the Republicans the “stupid party” for nothing. They can be counted on to destroy themselves. They seem unable to co combat the predictable strategy of the left: defame, set up straw men, debate “moderators” who ask why the Republicans eat their young, the usual stuff. The media are biased they say. Indeed it is so, and no attempt is made any more to hide it, as this report from ABC illustrates, but many commenters, far more able than I speak of their utter exasperation that Repubicans appear helpless to formulate their own counter strategies.

      As for Obama looking presidential, even some of his own have been finding him less than such lately. Chris “Tingles” Matthews, for instance.

      Sometimes, I long for an end to the two party system, but who wants to go first?

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