Obama Joins the Bitter Clingers

Now we find out the Pesident digs Nascar.

President congratulates Nascar winner. ( What's his name? I don't know: I care about as much as Obama)

And it gets better:

Playing catch up after neglecting Easter( but not the recent Eid ul Adha Islamic hoiday) perhaps because he was busy carrying out his presidential duty  fighting negative stereotypes of Islam as he undertook to do in his Cairo speech,  the president found time to make a speech on the significance of the Christmas holiday to Christians and the world.

Santa not banned here...yet

While theologically and textually shaky, the speech was more inclusive than the kind of stuff that went down n the Reverend Wright’s church, and the reference to his Christian faith will reassure those who have seen the video of an 2008 interview with George Stephanapolous in which Obama first referred to his Muslim faith, um, that is Christian faith. It can be confusing to be from a multi-faith background.

Personally, I’d like to see an atheist in the White House, so we could be really impartial about religion.  But that’s less likely than any miracle in any scripture.

So what protean surprise can we expect next from Obama 2012?

Perhaps we will see the First Family out on the shooting range soon.

Confederate flag displays are possible.


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