Halal Snake Oil: The Marketing of Islam in America

Do you ever get the idea that somebody, somewhere, thinks it’s important for you to like Islam?  We have a President, coincidentally of course whose middle name is Hussein, who misses no opportunity to greet and praise Muslims, as in his recent Eid ul Adha address( Unfamiliar with this holiday?  Look it up!), after earlier this year entirely neglecting Easter, and linking the Passover story to the upheavals in the Arab Middle East.  This tender concern is not restricted to the White House.

Although there is some dispute, the consensus in  Islam seems to be that snakes are haram(unfit and forbidden for human consumption; similar, as is much else in Islam, to the Jewish kosher).  This doesn’t apply to snake oil, of which our media is hawking substantial quantities on behalf of the Religion of Peace, and is quite halal ( allowed for consumption).

Noteworthy is TLC’s “All American Muslim,” reality series, which features five Muslim families in the  Detroit metro area.One wonders, why not “All American Catholic, Buddhist, or Jew”r?  Clearly, someone has a problem.  Perhaps it’s the rest of us, or so one would gather the Washington Post believes.

"Ten years after the Sept. 11 attacks, many Muslims in this country struggle to reconcile their American identity with their faith amid skepticism from non-Muslims. In dozens of video interviews conducted by Washington Post journalists across the country, Americans of all religious backgrounds candidly talk about the roots of suspicion, misunderstandings about Islam and confronting their own fears."

There is embedded in this caption enough arrant nonsense to spark a lengthy essay, if not a book, on the Orwellian semiotic, “Islamophobia.”  The implication is that, after ten years, we really ought to move on.

9/11 was not an isolated event a decade past, but rather a spectacular uptick in the continuum of jihadi violence that began before that October morning in New York, and continues.  .

The page shown here is the portal to an extensive  and no doubt expensive multimedia presentation on Muslims in America.  Someone at the Post thinks we should learn, well, something other than unease at the spread of a supremacist ideology in this country. .  Again, one wonders why so much ink is necessary for a minority far smaller than say, Italian Americans.

What, exactly it is in their faith  that many Muslims find the need to reconcile  with being American, is not stated anywhere in the site that I could find, but hey, a struggle for reconciliation has to be a good thing, right?  While suspicion, misunderstanding and fear are bad.

“Misunderstandings?”  The Fort Hood  shooter made himself perfectly clear in 31 in November, 2009. His first slide is of the Koran, which contains such jewels as “Slay them wherever ye find them and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter. – 2:191″  In what manner the major was persecuted to an extent to justify slaughter is unclear, and he wasn’t driven out of Fort Hood, but rather,promoted after his presentation.  He draws his pay to this day.

“We love death more than you love life.”

Fear? The country has been fortunate that so many plots have uncovered before they happen,  but just clearing airport security, or reading such stories as “TSA reminds officials to be aware of mass transit security issues this holiday season” cause unease among the more timorous, while those concerned with the wider issues wonder how much of our freedom we will surrender rather than see our government address the truth abount a large number of adhents of a mnority relgion, who find their inspiration in unambivalent scriptural exhortations. The reflexive left will squawk about abortion bombers, McVeigh and Breivik (non-Christians both) in a search for moral equivalence prompted by both desperation and schadenfreude, but Americans reading in their local papers or viewing the nightly news on their hometown affiliates will, when they see headers such as “Texas Man Convicted Of Terror Charges,” connect the dots.

As long as these probes and assualts continue, and as long as American Muslims insist on seeing themselves as victims of prejudice, rather than engage in introspection as to why so many of their brethren “stray, ”  they will remain under rightful suspicion,.

5 thoughts on “Halal Snake Oil: The Marketing of Islam in America

  1. “Islamophobia” is not a product of ignorance. Only people who know nothing of islam believe that it’s a “religion of peace”. Those who have taken the trouble to educate themselves about it know better.

  2. Well to quote Muhammed, speaking of Kuffar (people who are not Muslims): “Kil them wherever you find them.”

    That’s all I need to know about Islam.

  3. Well to quote Muhammed, speaking of Kuffar (people who are not Muslims): “Kil them wherever you find them.”

    That’s all I need to know about Islam.

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