Dear Leader Is All About The Children

AP pic(Photographer not named) in the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram centers on the President.

This kind of thing works in North Korea, but I’m not expecting the Obama adulation picture books to be followed up by a mass distribution of Obama badges

Well, at least He doesn’t need a teleprompter for this one,

One can only imagine the uproar had President Bush stopped by a classroom to read from a book about – himself.

“But , nyah, nyah there aren’t any picture books( Well, here’s one.  It has words, too) about President Bush coz he’s not cool and he’s a Republican, and Republicans are mean and mean people suck, and mean people hate kids, but children are the future.

And Bush is dumb.  He can’t read!”

It’s interesting to note that the images in the Fort Worth Star Telegram and the Dallas morning Post focus tightly on the president, but does not show his audience.

This one from AP photographer Susan Rush in the Dallas Morning News also shows the President's book "Of Thee I Sing."

The President was reading from “Bo, America’s Commander In Leash,”  the first family’s Portuguese water dog.  So where’s the pooch?  In two out of three pics, we just get the CINC thrice.  It’s not about the children.

School Sucks: ( this picis by AFP photog Saul Loeb ( hmm, Israeli agent? Seriously, I like Agence France Presse.)

And then there’s this one featured on weasel zippers( decidedly not friendly to the Preisdent) showing a larger scene, in which we also see both Obama books, but what I really like here is the bored little girl looking back at the camera.

Hey kid, school really sucks.  Yup, just another old guy telling you what to think,  You can look forward to as much as another twenty years of this.

And when you do get out finally, you may not know much more than when you started:

In another education related development, schools are pleading to be left off from the test goals set in “No child Left Behind.”

“Duncan has warned that 82 percent of U.S. schools could be labeled failures next year if No Child Left Behind is not changed. Education experts have questioned that estimate, but state officials report a growing number of schools facing sanctions under the law.”

They “might be labeled failures,”  because they are.

School sucks, and American schools really suck.  In terms of global performance, it may not be “no child left behind,” other than the the kids of Beltway types( and Presidents) going to private schools, as well as many of the teachers’ kids in schools systems like Chicago.  And I’m nor really sure about them.

No, it’s not about the children.  It never is.


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