SF Follies – Slap a Bun on that Dog!

…but buns are also a problem for Supervisor Scott Wiener(Stonefree:  Who is the patron saint of headline writers anyway?  I’d offer up a prayer of thanks and write this one: “Wiener Says to Wrap Weenies”), as this  story for SFGate relates:

San Francisco, September 7, 2011 — “San Francisco will once again be the butt (Stonefree: kudos to Gate writer Rachel Gordon)of national ridicule – or a beacon of freedom of expression – depending on your point of view. The latest issue?

Supervisor Scott Wiener introduced legislation Tuesday that would require nudists

Not Club Med

to put something under their bottoms if they take a seat in public and to cover up when they’re in a restaurant…”

When I was a kid if you wanted to see naked women, you went to the Follies on Third Street.  Locker rooms for naked men.

As for tolerance, if I were so foolish as to show my wrinkled bum in public in the City of St. Francis, I would suffer snickers at worst, but a bumper sticker for a Republican candidate would invite near certain vandalism.  I visit SF now and then, and enjoy it, but I don’t miss the city, even after spending more than twenty years there.  Just before I left for good  some ten  years ago, I ran my last Bay to Breakers.  There were some naked guys at the start line, and they were clearly, um, pleased to be naked.  It gets a bit much.

Although not that much in most  cases.  Consider coverage of last June’s naked bike ride in SF, by Zombie, a trenchant observer of Bay Area weirdness.  Without actually counting( but I’m pretty good at estimating and quantitative thinking) the score was: schlongs,1; teenies, around 30.  And as to my personal preference, none at all; but hey, it’s San Francisco.

The story’s mention of Supervisor Wiener leads me to digress a bit, but still on the subject of man-wurst, you have to feel a bit sorry for Rep. Anthony Weiner. Early on his was faced with a difficult choice,  The German diphthong “ei” is pronounced “eye,”  Hence, it’s Barbara Streye-sand, not Stree-sand.  Yet some choose the long “e” sound, although rendered “ie” in German, as in people named Stein pronouncing their name “Steen.”

So, as a lad the unfortunate congressman was faced with the choice of being either whiny, or a weenie. Events proved him to be both, but he will be remembered for the latter. As for the Supervisor, I can see his reelection slogan, given his strong stand on this issue: “Wiener’s no Weenie!”  This would no doubt give his opponents the willies.

2 thoughts on “SF Follies – Slap a Bun on that Dog!

  1. There was, in fact, a culture war in our lifetime. It started in the 60’s and everyone shares some blame and some credit. The bifurcated look of our society today is a direct aftermath of this war. Regarding the baby boomers, quite simply we were had. As teenagers and college students we came to believe the lyrics of rock and roll songs. Marijuana made us all outlaws and so other marginal types of behavior began to become questioned, and then skewed. To this day I have 60 year old friends who believe they belong to ‘tribes’ or who self-identify with their skin color more than their citizenship. Life is life. Screaming ‘up against the wall mutherfuckas’ because a rock band screamed ‘up against the etc. etc.’ is great fun but extremely shallow thinking. Living life on this cartoon scale has led to great parties but poor marriages, great adventures but marginal careers. I still shudder to think that I would donate my change at the Berkekey Food Co-op to the Black Panthers because everyone else was doing it and I wanted to be cool. (Recommended reading: ‘Hating Whitey’ by Horowitz…their attorney) The most troubling aspect in 2011 is the contributions the boomers could be making, as an entire generation, that are wasted in a retirement of self-indulgence rather than service. But the moment passed years ago and now we question if we are being too ‘straight’ if we are judgemental about a guy walking around San Francisco, in front of our kids, naked. When the planes slammed into the World Trade Center, before they collapsed, I turned to my wife and said “I wonder how long it will be before we start blaming ourselves for this”? Answer: about 6 months

    • Thanks for the comment, although it gives my pause and makes me wonder what I”m up to when the quality of the comments exceeds that of the posts!

      I always went to Safeway – it was cheaper. I had my epiphany fairly early when I told a panhandler on Telegraph to get a job as I walked to my night shift dish-washing gig.

      In one of the mailing list rants that were ancestral to this blog I said something about the “Crap Generation.” While many of us wised up, those that didn’t seized academia and government abetted by voters wanting to be, as yo say, non-judgmental and “compassionate.”

      In 67 the headmaster at my school was so pissed off at our antics that he called us all to chapel and raged about our generation What we needed, he said, was a”good war” or a “nice depression” to straighten us out.

      We got a bad war, bad in that it was questionable, whether you doubted the premise,or even buying the premise, could see no will to victory. Sound familiar? And the burden of that war fell terribly unequally.

      I do believe it was a poison that let so much in. The doubt in institutions that it raised made it possible for the most radical to seize those institutions for their own purposes. Obama is a grandchild of the 60s.

      And the depression the head recommended – perhaps we are seeing that now, and it is ultimately self-inflicted. The maniacal spending of the Bush Obama years, I maintain, simply reflects the way we have been living as a nation,

      I am pleased to say that, at our 20th reunion, my class gave
      Father Leo a splendid ovation, and shortly thereafter he died, from a cancer possibly rooted in his whiz kid role as a 19 year old physicist at Los Alamos during the war, or later on during the Pacific H-bomb tests. Many of us approached him individually and made our mea culpas,

      I do take some issue with your comments on Boomers not serving in retirement, particularly in in light of the President’s call to service as commemoration of 9/11. Rather than commenting at length at the utterly vacuous nature of his comment, I’ll just say that working, not taking anything from the government, and not voting to rob your
      neighbors should be enough. I would be interested, however, if yo cared to expand on that idea.

      As to 9/ll, my disgust at the burial of reality in the so called commemorations cannot be expressed; others all across the net have done so better than I could hope to. No mention of Islam at all, other than pundits saying that to mention it might cause more “terrorism,” even as security agencies scour New York for rumored attackers. Perhaps we are to blame,us boomers, for all the “smile on your brother” and “give peace a chance” crap. Hanoi laughed at us, and so do the Muslim brotherhood, and a host of others. They couldn’t have done this to a country run by a generation seasoned in adversity.

      On 9/11, I will put the Falling Man on my Facebook, and leave it at that.

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