Tea Party Forces Influence In GOP 2012 Race

Good! I don’t care what people in Europe think. Or anywhere.
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2 thoughts on “Tea Party Forces Influence In GOP 2012 Race

  1. At least people think which is more than a lot of the Tea partiers who are prone to repeat slogans (see ANY Palin speech) instead of thinking independently. Just look at how Jon Huntsman polls – the only Repub who has put forward any sort of real agenda for moving the economy forward.

    • Hey Todos,

      This post is part of a comment thread on Huffpo, and my posting it was an experiment – trying to pimp some views. Didn’t know it would come up with no context. In future, I will post only comments that I originate, not responses.

      First, this post to HuifPo was in response to someone saying that “international scholars” look at teh teaparty and shake there heads. Ah yes lLbProgs worried about what Europeans think( I am assuming Europe as I doubt this commentator and others likeminded are reading Chinese analyses of the American scene, and I doubt the Japanese even bother) For a humorous take on LibProg infatuation with Europe, check out link http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.com/

      You write “People think” What people think what?

      Just as when people tell me Islam is a religion of piece and I ask them if they have actually read the Koran, I’ll ask you if you have actually read what the Tea Party stands for?

      Here’s a link http://www.teaparty-platform.com/ Whether this is the “Official” site I don’t know. Do they een have an official site? The ten points enumerate here seem close enough to what I have heard about the TP.

      Read and tell me to what you object. Oh yeah, you told me once you are not enamored with the constitution. It works for me. It can be amended ,you know. When I look at Britain, I’m quite happy we have awritten document.

      As for The TP risking default, I think default or hyperinflation is inevitable, and will think this until somebody tells me how we are going to pay 14 trillion( which isn’t the real number, anyway) Especially since year in year out, over administration after administration, there has never been any kind of cut in spending I have my doubts about Keynes, but part of his theory was that Government would rein back once things got started again. What an idealist.

      I took a look at Huntsman’s campaign blog. Sounds ok in general, and not that far off the TP. Hmm note that the President reigned in EPA a little the other day,.

      On energy, I noticed that Huntsman didn’t mention getting rid of ethanol subsidies. I like what he has to say about taxes, but I doubt anyone could pull anything like it off. Imagine the screaming from all if the home mortgage deduction were eliminated. I support getting rid of it; always have.

      The TP seems to have little to say on foreign politics. Huntsman sounds ok, but like everyone, he does the “terror” narrative with no mention of Islam. I’m not surprised: it’s not only PC, but electoral politics. Think Illinois, Michigan and New Jersey, not to mention well placed contacts and donations from Islamic organizations all over the place, for both parties.

      The resident is in trouble. When writers for the NYT, HuffPO and Daily Beast question his leadership, it’s a problem . Frankly, I cold do a better job and so could you, and countless others. I almost begin to feel sorry for the guy. He is the ultimate affirmative action hire: we’ve all seen them – well groomed, nicely dressed, and utterly incapable, passed on from job to job by vague but glowing references. That combined with a world view shaped on American campuses suit him for not much of anything other than going back to some campus and “teaching“ Frankfurt school whatever. As for “,tea party slogans,” Mr. Obama has plenty of catchphrases of his on. Anyone want a “green job” at Solyndra?

      Nevertheless, I am far from counting him out. I’m sure you’ve seen the polls with “generic” Republican candidates trouncing him, but any named candidate failing to do so. Perhaps the recent withdrawal of some EPA regulations is the beginning of a Clinton -like triangulation strategy. That could work, and if he were to stick to it, he might govern effectively enough in a second term.

      Interesting times.

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