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While the parachute jornos are celebrating the fall of the dictator in Tripoli, and the advent of democracy(Note a draft Constitution with a shariah dominance provision is up on the net, provenance unsure, but we shall see),  the rewrite squad is busy back home making sure events fit the narrative.

“Israeli warplanes strike Gaza”Aug 25 2011 )3:21GMT

The obligatory shot of casualties being rushed to hospital leads off.

Let.’s see, “missiles struck a social club”.  I wonder if they were playing dominoes And then there is an air-strike on a tunnel between Rafa and Egypt.  What are these tunnels for?  Not for legitimate cargoes which Israel passes through every day.

An Islamic Jihad “militant” killed is described as “a victim”

I lose track; how many ceasefires this week from Hamas( of course Islamic Jihad and such have nothing to do with Hamas, who is only the government.)

The article later refers to the cross border incursion from Sinai

CNN mentions ten rockets fired from Gaza Wednesday, without casualties in Israel. Since Friday’s attack, I remember more than that, but I don’t have the patience to comb the wires for them.  The implication here, as it always is,  is “Hey no one got hurt.  Why get angry?”.

This same lopsided view is evident in some hand wringing reported from the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East who “remains worried about the continuing tensions, in particular the escalation of violence in Gaza and  Southern Israel.”

The only straight talk is from the IDF:

“The IDF will not tolerate any attempt to harm Israel citizens and IDF soldiers, and will respond with determination to any attempt to use terror against the State of Israel.”

Here’s where it gets really weird: this article is the mobile version.   Like a lot of people I scroll the headlines in the morning; it’s too much work to turn on the laptop.When I went to the full web page to paste the previous text, I fund a completely different, and I must say, more nuanced article, with an earlier deadline

Israel says it killed Islamic Jihad militant in airstrike

By the CNN Wire Staff
August 24, 2011 — Updated 0855 GMT (1655 HKT)

What is going on here?  I give up.  CNN?  I prefer Al Jazeera – at least, with the name, you know were they are coming from.


One thought on “CNN Watch

  1. Hey Pat, CNN IS the The Disaster Channel 24/7 and we do love that. Don’t we? They really out do it. Have you read John Irving’s The Fourth Hand? Highly entertaining, about a man who gets his hand bitten off by a lion and becomes anchor of a news agency familiarly known as the Disaster Channel. Great stuff.

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