“I have Seen the Enemy – And It’s PowerPoint”

I don’t have an awful lot to do, so tonight after a pleasant dinner on the terrace, I went over to the State Department Counter terrorism  site(http://www.state.gov/s/ct/enemy/index.htm) and had a look at “Defining the enemy.”

Al Qaeda is seen as the threat – others are not mentioned.  “AQ aims to overthrow the existing world order and replace it with a reactionary, authoritarian, transnational entity.”

This is known as the Islamic Caliphate. That’s what Qeeda calls it, as do many other groups, and as it has been known throughout Islamic history.  Just because Glen Beck has picked up on it doesn’t mean it’s not real.

While it does mention “intense religious convictions” the section manages to speak about Al Qaeda without ever using the words Islam, Islamic, or Muslim.  One notices the absence of Hezbollah, Hams and the Afghan and Pakistan Taliban, omitted perhaps in deference to outreach efforts.

The rest sounds like the hand out at a particularity soporific PowerPoint presentation. “Perfect Storm” is used once, and I would bet there were plenty of “going forwards” as as well at the live roll out.

For a more nuanced view, try the National Counter terrorism Center, An Agency of USG(http://www.nctc.gov/.  Their World Wide Incidents Tracking System(WITS) is easy to use and clearly shows that most terrorists are Muslims, and sadly, so are most of their victims,  Or simply view the FBI’s most Wanted: there is a guy called San Diego( no kidding) on there but the rest are, you know…

I’m going to watch people doing stupid things on Youtube now,


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