Sometimes Love ISN’T All You Need

I went over to the Huffington Post today, as I do to Daily Beast and the Nation sometimes, just to see what the clueless are coming up with.

An article on the President’s roll back of illegal immigrant deportations caught my eye( I don’t use the term “undocumented:”  to me that means you lost your passport).

Expecting to see an endless thread of praise for the Wise Leader’s humane policy, I was pleasantly surprised to see comments running twenty to one against in the five pages I scrolled through.

At one point the HuffPo moderator commented that she wasn’t “feeling the love in this thread.”  This feel good and ancient bromide was a galvanic stimulus to the already agitated commentators.

There were as you might expect the usual all caps exclamations that the fate of the nation depends  removing the arch-traitor POTUS, but most  were well well thought out, and seriously concerned, and incensed at another executive end run around the law.

Wondering if I had chanced upon a late swell of “right wing troll” postings, I went to the end of the thread.  Here I found a slightly higher number of posters with the President, but still greatly outnumbered.  Moving forward from there, the outrage increased, and the defenders seemed to have just given up.

Immigration is set to be a major issue in the 2012..


2 thoughts on “Sometimes Love ISN’T All You Need

  1. I had the same experience recently, and I’m glad to see that you experienced the same. I didn’t post a comment because conservative commenters had it sewn up. I believe it the fast and furious article, which topic HuffPo covered one time only.

    • Outside of Breitbart And PajamasMedia, Fast and Furious seems to be going nowhere fast. HUffPo, as far as I could see, also buried Solyndrain the “GreenSection.” Well, they can run and try to hide…

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