Chillin’ on the Vineyard

Well they are off to Blue Heron Farm again.  Has a nice “green” ring to it, dontcha think?

The President has to work off that stress from…, I dunno…doing President stuff?  It certainly can’t be from serious and thoughtful considerations of economic policy options, since we’ve seen none.  And none are necessary since Bush and the Tea Party did it.  Let them fix it – whatever needs fixing,

Nor can it be from emergency sessions on  stemming Gunwalker from  turning.into Watergate,  The media, with the NYT leading the  defense, has the palisades guarded on that one,

And Potus surely isn’t exhausted from working up a common response with our allies to potentially apocalyptic events in the Middle East and South Asia, as we don’t have any allies – you know, states with real power who could like help if the shit hit the fan,  Who needs Israel when you’ve got Fatah and the Muslim Brotherhood?

Islamic terrorism?  Adapting the OIC anti- defamation of religion protocol will defuse that.  Once Israel is gone( Okay, maybe a one-state solution – anybody remember Zimbabwe-Rhodesia?) and we show a proper respect for Islam we will enjoy peace and the fruits of that religion’s genius, to which the president referred in his Cairo speech and Iftar dinner(this year, and last year, and the year before…sooner or later the message will get through).

Or is it that exhausting Iowa bus trip in a one million dollar plus Canadian ( I thought Democrats were against outsourcing)built bus?  Willy Nelson or Dolly Parton would have rented him theirs, I’m sure, If he asked,  Anyway, once we have an ineffectual army and universal health care, aside from the weather and a bunch of people who speak crappy French , nobody will be able to tell the difference between Canada and the US.

Oh wait a minute, they have a strong currency, resource driven economic boom, adequate energy supplies, and sound fiscal policy,  And high home ownership rate and healthy housing  market without ever having had a mortgage deduction or Fannie or Freddy, so the sunbirds are snapping up Florida second homes with the high flying Loonie.

Never mind, the real reason I’m pissed is the taxpayer bill for the Vineyard security, and the absolute contempt for the ordinary joe,  many of whom have no jobs to vacation from, that the location shows.  Well,ok, he doesn’t have a farm like Jimmy Carter, or ranch like Reagan and Dubya, or a Maine beach house like Bush the elder, or a Hyannisport compound like the Kennedys.  So Obama follows another parvenu, Bill Clinton, to the playground of old money,and new elite status, The Vanity Fair crowd will all be there.

What’s wrong with Camp David?  FDR starrted it up.

Um, it has knotty pine panelling.  Ike hung out there a lot.  It’s just so fifties,

As are integrity, competence and courage, as absent from this administration as will be the President from Washington for the rest of August.


2 thoughts on “Chillin’ on the Vineyard

  1. Hey Stonefree, this is a really scattershot BS post. So Obama takes a vacation and the Secret Service comes with him – yes, it costs a lot but that’s not Obama’s decsion. Every Prez has had security and it costs more now. Get a life.
    Going upwards, maybe the Canuck bus was better built and cheaper. Are you a capitalist or not?
    Which “states with real power” to help us with those apocalyptic events would you suggest? Japan? Germany? Argentina?
    And this paragraph
    The President has to work off that stress from…, I dunno…doing President stuff? It certainly can’t be from serious and thoughtful considerations of economic policy options, since we’ve seen none. And none are necessary since Bush and the Tea Party did it. Let them fix it – whatever needs fixing,
    Bush and the Tea Party did what? What the hell are you talking about?

  2. Todosantos: Thanks for the comment, my very first.
    thanks: the very first,

    bus and vacation: First, I strove to use some populist rhetoric ironically against the prez here. I mean aren’t the reps the ones shipping jobs off shore. The vineyard milieu does bother me and I will be speaking at some point to elitism which knows no party,

    Also, check out the blogs and pundits across the board many see this along with the Spain trip as bad PR, worrying to his supporters

    I stand by my statement that he devotes little time to serious policy. He had time to show leadership, and “vanquish” the tea party had he chosen to do so, Again a curious inertness. You might check out what commentators on the Huffpo and Daily Beast are saying,

    Allies, a little too veiled I reckon: there is only one, Israel, and Obama is continuing Bush’s move to get rid of them. Of course, no ally is totally reliable.

    As to the construction of the post, you have a point; not well focused: still learning.

    Anyway, you have nothing to worry about: the Republicans will mange to shoot themselves in their elephantine feet..

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